Would you like to know more about Accelia Capital? Visit this section to find answers to your questions about our investment fund.

  • Why was Accelia Capital created?

    Accelia Capital was launched at the end of 2021 to address a gap in the venture capital market where it is demonstrated that female entrepreneurs are underfunded compared to their male counterparts.

  • What type of companies does Accelia Capital invest in?

    Accelia invests in innovative companies that develop or integrate new technologies. We aim for diversity, performance, and impact by investing in companies owned or led by women.

  • What is the definition of companies owned or led by women?

    It is a company where at least one woman holds a significant leadership position OR a company of which one of the owners is a woman who holds a minimum of 15% of the equity.

  • Can Accelia invest in companies that do not fit the definition of a female company?

    Yes. Our goal is to reach 70% female companies and we work with companies that do not meet this criteria to promote the presence of women within them.

  • Can Accelia invest in companies outside Canada?

    Accelia primarily invests in Quebec with a distribution of 80% in Quebec and 20% in the rest of Canada.

  • What is the stage of companies targeted by Accelia?

    Accelia invests in companies that have developed a minimum viable product and have gained some market validation.

  • What is the amount that Accelia invests in a company as a first investment?

    Accelia invests a minimum of $300,000 and a maximum of $1,000,000 in an initial investment.

  • What are the main criteria taken into account by Accelia in the analysis of an investment project?

    Companies must notably:
    ● Be led by an exceptional and diverse team, with deep knowledge of the field and technology
    ● Have developed an innovative technological product that meets a market need
    ● Be able to demonstrate a vast and growing market potential
    ● Have made sales, a significant portion of which is recurring
    ● Show signs of growth acceleration (customers, revenues, etc.)
    ● Be positioned in a market segment where the barriers to entry are high
    ● Have developed a product with global potential

  • Can Accelia lead (lead investor) financing rounds?

    We are comfortable leading, co-leading or participating in financing rounds.

  • Does Accelia accept unsolicited requests (cold reach out) or introductions by third parties?

    Each member of the Accelia team has an extensive network, thus offering multiple points of contact with our team. We recommend introductions accompanied by references (other entrepreneurs, co-investors, service providers, advisors, etc.). However, we are aware that many underrepresented founders may not have the same access, which is why we also proactively monitor several incoming channels.

    For unsolicited requests, please email us at contact@accelia.vc or contact one of our team members directly.

  • What is Accelia Capital's competitive advantage?

    The Accelia team is involved with companies to create value. We also involve a group of influential businessmen and businesswomen who have invested in the Fund and support our portfolio companies.